General terms and conditions of sale

Headquarters : Compagnie Vendéenne - 3 promenoir des Coureauleurs - Le Gabut - 17025 LA ROCHELLE

SAS with a capital of 320 200 euros.

R.C.S La Rochelle B 421 481 169 - NAF 5010 Z
Siret : 421 481 169 000 90 - T.V.A Intra-Communautaire : FR 19 421 481 169

The responsibility of the maritime Company is governed by the French laws of 18th June 1966, 3rd January 1967 and 23rd December 1986, as well as by any other related decrees. All passengers in possession of a transport ticket issued by the Compagnie Vendéenne are subject to the general terms and conditions described hereafter. All passengers are deemed to have familiarized themselves with these general terms and conditions of sale. (The general terms and conditions of sale can be consulted in the price and timetable brochure, on the website:, and at the Compagnie Vendéenne ticket offices). A lack of knowledge of these conditions in no way exempts passengers from their application. The Company’s responsibility shall not extend beyond these terms and conditions.


The total price of passage must be paid before departure in accordance with the tariff in use. Passengers entitled to a special rate must be able to justify their right to this rate before purchasing their tickets and must provide official proof at the Compagnie Vendéenne ticket counters and sales points, and also during the boarding and on board inspections. The Company reserves the right to change its prices at any time depending on economic factors (fuel surcharge etc.) or tax changes (VAT, TPM maritime passenger tax, port duties or other charges). Passengers should keep their tickets and proof of right to a reduction (for the special fares) and submit them for inspection whenever required; failing this a fixed fee fine will be payable immediately. In the event of loss of a ticket, the passenger will be required to provide a deposit in the form of a cheque for the full value of the reservation. A duplicate ticket will be issued to enable the passenger to embark. The cheque will be returned to the customer in exchange for the recovered or unused ticket (subject to examination by our ticket services). If the original ticket cannot be produced, the deposit cheque will be cashed on the 31st day after the crossing.


Passengers must obligatorily make their journey on the date and time indicated on their ticket. The Company cannot be held liable in the event of any changes in timetables or routes which are caused by force majeure* or unforeseeable or other circumstances. Passengers are required to check in at the Compagnie Vendéenne ticket desk at least 30 minutes before the boat’s departure. The Compagnie Vendéenne shall not be held liable for any delays caused by traffic conditions (parking, traffic jams, delays in train or bus arrivals etc.) The deadline for boarding is 15 minutes before the boat’s scheduled departure time.
It is always important to allow 15 minutes in order to get from the boat to the coach.

In cases of necessity, of which he is the sole judge (e.g. for safety reasons or to assist in the saving of human lives or goods), the Captain may alter or cancel the journey or stopovers designated on the ticket. The departure and arrival times, the boat’s itinerary and the intended stopovers may therefore be modified without notice and without passengers being entitled to claim for harm or to obtain compensation. For whatever reason, if the boats are unusually badly delayed, cannot berth, are unable to undertake the journey or to continue it in normal conditions, the Company may choose to: either reimburse the price of the unused travel ticket, or transport the passenger on another boat, or with another company.


Any change of ticket is subject to a fixed charge (1.50€ per journey and per passenger). Ticket changes can only accepted once in the current season and will not give rise to any reimbursement. Ticket changes must be made the day before departure at the latest. For islanders, islander-related passengers, and subscription card holders, ticket changes remain possible up to the date and time of departure, subject to payment of the 1.50€ charge per person and per journey. This ticket change is only possible once for the same ticket for the current season, and passengers must know the date and time of their next journey. Ticket changes can only be made at the sales point which made the reservation. (The Compagnie Vendéenne or its authorized sales outlets).


Our ticket counter staff are not authorized to reimburse tickets. In the event of a cancelled journey, (download the reimbursement form ) This form, together with your bank account details, must be sent to us by email at: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or by post , to this address : Compagnie Vendéenne – Gare Maritime – 85 550 La Barre de Monts. The conditions for reimbursement are as follows:
• Cancellation request made more than 30 calendar days prior to departure: 100% reimbursement.
• Cancellation request made between 30 and 15 calendar days prior to departure: 75% reimbursement
• Cancellation request made during the 14 calendar days prior to departure and up until 5pm on the day before departure: 50% reimbursement. Outside of these times, no request for reimbursement will be accepted.


For your safety, the Company asks passengers to bear in mind that a boat at sea is subject to rolling motion and pitching movements. Passengers must take care to ensure that children do not run on board, do not climb on the handrails, the box units, the seats, or the life-saving equipment. Smoking is forbidden on the boats. Passengers are prohibited from transporting inflammable, explosive or dangerous materials (gas bottles, petrol etc.) Children under 12 cannot travel unaccompanied on board our boats. Animals are the responsibility of their owners. Dogs must be kept on a lead, should ideally be muzzled and must not block the gangways and access doors.


The Compagnie Vendéenne does not have any luggage containers. You must therefore carry your luggage and bring it on board yourself. Bikes, prams and any other cumbersome items are not allowed on board. Folding pushchairs may be embarked. Only two items of hand baggage per person are allowed (a maximum of 20kg per person). Any item deemed to be too cumbersome may be refused at the boarding point by the Compagnie Vendéenne staff.


During the execution of the transport shown on the journey ticket, the Company’s liability is limited in all circumstances to the period in which the passengers or goods are under direct control on board the boats, equipment or facilities which are available for their use. The Company may refuse to transport and disembark any passenger whose presence may, in its opinion, be prejudicial to the comfort and safety of other passengers on the boat, or its crew. The Company’s insurance policy is managed by the Cabinet BESSE; a brokerage firm created in 1962 and specialized in maritime risk.


Passengers may not board until they are invited to do so by the crew, and once on board, they must respect all the safety instructions given by the crew. . The Company is not responsible for any money, documents, jewellery or other objects –of any value whatsoever- which are brought on board by passengers, nor is it responsible for their theft, loss or deterioration which may be caused, for example, by the natural movement of the boat. The Company is authorized to accommodate disabled passengers. However, in certain conditions, access on board will not be possible e.g. if the port facilities which ensure the safe embarkation/disembarkation of disabled persons are not accessible; if the number of disabled passengers is higher than the available number of designated spaces; if the boat’s dimensions or size of its entry doors make embarkation physically impossible. We therefore ask customers with a disability or mobility impairment to inform us of their requirements as soon as possible before their trip, so that we can assess the feasibility of boarding arrangements.


For all claims relating to the Company’s activity which are brought before the French courts, the above-mentioned laws on Maritime Transport and their subsequent decrees will be applied. Any actions brought against the Company by passengers or their representatives may only be judged by the La Rochelle Commercial Court (Tribunal de Commerce de La Rochelle) . * Force majeure refers to an event of external origin, unforeseeable and beyond the Company’s control, which makes it impossible for the Company to provide its service.