Ile d'Yeu

With a circumference of over 40 km (9.5 km by 4.5km), Ile d’Yeu is one of the most inhabited of the Ponant islands, with a population of around 5000 inhabitants. It is also one of France’s most distant offshore islands, lying at about 18 km from the mainland.

For a long time ile d’Yeu made its living from fishing and trade. A human-size island, it will amaze you with the beauty of its landscapes. Indeed, within an area of only 23 km², the island is home to over 750 species of wildflowers and plants including camellias, oleanders, mimosas and hollyhocks…

The diverse coastline of Ile d’Yeu will astound you: to the West lie its rocky coast and cliffs, whereas to the North and East you will find a succession of large beaches and shale-flecked creeks.

When you arrive, Port Joinville, the island’s capital, will take you by surprise. You will be enchanted by its morning hustle and bustle and its afternoon tranquillity. Behind the white façades of the houses on the quays of Port-Joinville, the narrow, winding streets bear names evocative of an intriguing past : Rue du Paradis (Paradise Street), rue du Secret, (Street of the Secret) or rue de l’Argenterie, (Silverware Street)...

Whether you are here for just one day or for a longer stay, take time to explore this jewel of the Atlantic.

Places not to be missed : the Great Lighthouse (le Grand Phare), le Vieux Chateau, the Port de la Meule, the Notre-Dame-de Bonne Nouvelle Chapel, the Port des Vieilles, the Pointe des Corbeaux, the St Sauveur village, the fishing museum, the sea rescue museum etc.